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Due to the problems I had with my diabetes, I came in contact with the Royal Doctors, and they send me to Prof. Harry Dorchy at the Koningin Fabiola Children hospital in Brussels. They immediately did some tests which helped me a little bit to control my bloodsugar. Some months later, Joris Vanvinckenroye, CEO of Royal Doctors, helped me to get a continuous blood sugar monitoring system. They made it possible for me to burrow a VEO continuous sensor system from Medtronic. This system has given me new information how to control my bloodsugar even better. I'm very happy I got in touch with the Royal Doctors

About Royal Doctors

The founder and CEO of Royal Doctors, Joris Vanvinckenroye, is an expert when it comes to knowing the importance of a correct diagnosis, a second opinion and the correct treatment. He was born with a severe abnormality of the right foot and an underdeveloped left hand. His first diagnosis was that he would never be able to walk normally. Fortunately, his parents went to a specialist in Paris for a second opinion, otherwise his foot would have been amputated. As a result of the latest treatments, his foot continued to be spared. Prostheses have helped him to be able to walk normally. He became an active sportsman and even ran a half marathon. When another doctor suggested replacing his deformed hand with a prosthesis years later, a second opinion again brought clarity about the best solution. In fact, the functionality of the hand was particularly good (you should hear Joris play something on the piano). A prosthesis would only have served an arguably aesthetic purpose. These personal experiences led to the formation of Royal Doctors. The mission statement of this enterprise is: “We want to make sure that everyone who calls upon our services is put in touch with the best specialist for the best diagnosis and treatment as quickly and as efficiently as possible.”

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