Ironman Frankfurt 08-07-2012

On Sunday 8th of July it was time for my first full distance triathlon of the season. My preparation went well and I had a lot of confidence in this race. On race day, I had to wear a white swim cap because I am diabetic. But the speaker really made me upset by saying all people with a white swim cap are handicapped. The PRO’s and around 400 age-groupers had to start at 7.45AM for their 2 loop swim course. Me and all the other athletes had to start at 8AM. My blood sugar level was perfect before the race and I eat a SIS gel right before the start. Then it went 8AM and started to swim not pushing too hard. Halfway we had to came out of the water and I made use of it eating a second SIS gel. After 1h00’09” I came out of the water and ran to my bike. But after 500m on the bike course it started to rain. And within 5 minutes it was raining so hard it was hard to see anything through my sunglasses. I had really cold in the beginning and hadn’t a good feeling on the bike. It took me too much effort to push 270-280W. After 2h22 I passed the 90k point with average power of 276W. Then at 100k I missed my special needs bag. That was a pity because I needed my own food to control my blood sugar level during the race. I felt my blood sugar level was decreasing. After 130k is stopped raining, but the wind became to blow much harder. And in last 30k we had the wind in front and I struggled a lot. I finished the bike course in 4h55 with average power of 265W (3.7W/Kg). I wasn’t happy about my time, and I took my time in T2 eating a SIS gel to raise my glycaemia. Then I started at my marathon and was feeling pretty OK. I didn’t feel uncomfortable like in all other Ironmans I did. I started not to run to fast because I couldn’t train a lot on my running the months before this race due to injuries. It were 4 laps of 10.5k and each lap I was running faster and faster. I never had a difficult period during the marathon and was just happy I could run faster till the end. I reached finish line in 9h37 with a marathon time of 3h34. Not very spectacular but without a trainer, without many running kilometers, and 2.5 of totally rest due to a medical issue, I was really happy about my result.