TRI111 21-09-2012 Bilzen

On Saturday 21st of October the people of Sport Events organized a triathlon race in my home town called a TRI111. We had to swim 1k in the Albertkanaal, cycle 5 laps of 19k and then finishing with a 10k run. From the beginning of September, I’m working together with Luc Van Lierde. He gave me a 3-week training schedule in preparation for this race. And in the 2 weeks before the race, I’ve made 8 laps on the bike course. My condition wasn’t very well, but had a lot of confidence to do a good race in my home town and had a lot a fans yelling for me. Some minutes over 9AM around 300 athletes started their race. Due to the current, the boys were moved, resulting in a longer swim course. Afterwards it was estimated between 1400-1500m. I came out of the water in 20’08” in 36th position, and I felt really fresh. Once on the bike I didn’t had the best legs in the first lap, but was still able to push >300W. Because my first lap wasn’t good, I missed the group riding in front of me. The next 4 laps I was totally riding alone and I lost a lot of time. After 3.5 laps I had a mechanical issue and had to stop for about 2 minutes to fix it. I finished to 95k bike course in 2h29’48” with average power of 307W (not normalized). I’m very happy I was able to put more than 300W average after only 3 weeks of training. And this gives me a lot of confidence for next Ironman races next year. I began to run my 10k in top 20 position. I didn’t make a lot of running kilometers in training, and didn’t know what to expect. I was able to pass some other athletes and finished 14th overall with a running time of 40’31”. I was happy about my result, but wasn’t able to go very deep in the run. I want to thank all my fans who were yelling at me. That really gave me goose bumps.