Ironman Wiesbaden 12-08-2012

After the Ironman of Frankfurt, I took a break for one week. Then at my first bike training I came in contact with a bike tourist and I made a really hard crash. My bike was nearly totally broken. After 2 days I started to train again, but I didn’t feel well during my run trainings. Otherwise the swim trainings went really well. I didn’t ride my bike for 2.5 weeks and 2 days before the Ironman, my bike was finally repaired. I didn’t have a lot of confidence in myself before the start of the race. My plan was to go hard during the swim, and keep the pace I normally do during a half distance triathlon. I came out of the water in 29’03” and I was feeling good. On the bike I was pushing constantly +300Watts, and in first hour I averaged 302W. But because I couldn’t test ride my bike before this race, I had to deal with some mechanical problems in the second part of the race. I had to stop several times to fix it. And I started to feel I didn’t ride my bike for nearly 3 weeks. In the last hour my energy was totally gone. I haven’t got this feeling before. I struggled to the transition zone with a bike time of 2h53’30” inclusive all the stops I made. My SRM Powercontrol told me my bike time was 2h41’44” (268W average), so I lost more than 10 minutes with these mechanical issues. I took my running shoes, but actually I had to quit the race. I just wanted to reach the finish line and did that in 5h24’08”. This was by far my worst performance during a triathlon. My time was nearly 30’ slower than 2 years ago, when we had to deal with very heavy rainfall. I am very very disappointed.